Focused Ultrasound: Movement Disorders-Clinical

TAN received an invitation from the Focused Ultrasound Foundation to participate in the live streaming of the 5th International Symposium in Bethesda, MD. It was an opportunity for our organization to tune into clinical presentations on movement disorders.Focused Ultrasound Symposium (more…)

NINDS and Octanoic Acid Update

On behalf of Tremor Action Network (TAN) I recently met with Dr. Gwinn, Program Director, Extramural Research Program. (more…)

2015 AdvaMed Conference

Meeting Danny Ly, BD Public Policy & Government Relations Director, at the 2015 Rally for Medical Research led to an invitation to attend the leading MedTech Conference in North America, October 5-7, 2015 in San Diego, CA. (more…)

Orthostatic Tremor Rating Scale Project

Dr. Peter Bain, faculty member of Imperial College of Medicine, requests help from orthostatic tremor (OT) patients worldwide in assessing the severity and effects of OT. Dr. Bain’s rationale is the OT scale could be used for measuring the efficacy of specific treatments, and/or testing for new medicines. This project is a great opportunity to help Dr. Bain in “constructing a scale” for a disabling tremor whose response to drug treatment is overall unsatisfactory. (more…)

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