Rally for Medical Research Day – #RallyMedRes

Let me start this blog by pleading with the AACR to make this an annual event. Yes, it was that incredible of an event. Now that I have that out of my system, let me explain what RallyMedRes 2014 was. (more…)

Rally for Medical Research

Rally_HILL_14-2_FB_851x315 copy

The Rally for Medical Research Hill Day is being held on Thursday, September 18. Tremor Action Network (TAN) and 300 national organizations and institutions are attending this event. (more…)

SUPPORT: What is it good for?

When my grandmother was a young wife, she was living in a foreign country in less than desirable conditions. She and other wives would get together on a weekly basis and play bridge. (more…)

LiftWare Spoon Giveaway

8 LiftWare spoons valued at $295.00 plus free shipping are being given away by sponsor Lift Labs to improve
the quality of daily living for patients specifically diagnosed with: (1) dystonia, (2) essential tremor, (3) multiple sclerosis and (4) parkinson’s hand tremors.


Technology and Tremor: How can technology help manage tremor?

Technology is always moving fast but not always in the area where we personally need it. Fortunately inventors and programmers are realizing how much technology can help those of us with disabilities. New devices and apps are being developed all the time. Here are just a few to get you started on helping technology to manage your tremor. (more…)