Neuroscience Caucus Briefing on Depression

On November 20, 2014 Tremor Action Network representatives Nannette Halliwell and Kathleen Welker attended the Bipartisan Congressional Neuroscience Caucus Briefing on depression.  (more…)

Rally for Medical Research

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The Rally for Medical Research Hill Day is being held on Thursday, September 18. Tremor Action Network (TAN) and 300 national organizations and institutions are attending this event. (more…)

Hanging Together

There is no cure for Essential Tremor. None. At least not yet. If there is to ever be a cure, there first has to be a solution to The Problem with Essential Tremor. The Problem with Essential Tremor is awareness (or lack thereof). Very few people know what Essential Tremor is. The term “movement disorder” is often assumed to mean Parkinson’s Disease. Essential Tremor not only does not have a place at the table of movement disorders, it is not even part of the dinner conversation. (more…)

Advocacy – How it can be effective on an individual level

When those of us with medical issues think of advocacy, we tend to think of the “big boys”: Michael J. Fox and Parkinson’s, Susan Komen and Breast Cancer. Reminiscent of the belief that our individual voices are not heard in politics unless we belong to one of the two mainstream parties, we buy into the thought that we must have an organization to advocate for us. While organizations can be helpful in advocating, they are by no means necessary. All you need to advocate is your personal experience and the desire to make your voice heard.  (more…)

Advocacy of 1

Tremor Action Network has appointed Nannette Halliwell to the position of Blog Editor. Nannette will manage the publishing as well as contribute content to the blog. She has great organizational and communication skills.  (more…)